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My academic and career path have taken me through various fields and specialties. The one constant has been my dedication to self-improvement and my insatiable intellectual curiosity which has kept me honing my skills and learning new ones. Because the Internet is in constant motion, a successful Digital Marketer has to constantly adapt and innovate oneself and one's work.


I've applied my academic training in Public Relations and International Relations to my knowledge and passion for all things Internet, to give me a deep understanding of Digital Marketing and the online experience.


My experience in digital fundraising has been rewarding. In no other field are we asked to do more with less. With extremely limited budgets we are asked to create an immediate turnover. These are lessons that can be applied to all fields of Digital Marketing, but that can only be learned in this context. Only by learning from trial and error, constantly innovating, and staying ahead of the curve, can we successfully stand out in an increasingly congested digital/physical reality.

Photo by Jonathan Buffard, Ulan Bator, Mongolia